We believe that what we need is already inside us. Through yoga & breath, we discover what serves us & what doesn’t.

We believe we all have to live our own lives, but there is great comfort, peace & empowerment in knowing we’re all in it together.

We are committed to creating a dynamic & welcoming yoga community that will inspire, encourage & empower busy moms & dads, college students & all the rest of of us trying to chill out & feel better.



Shelley Roupas - Founder of Feel Better Heated Yoga

hey! I’m shelley.

I discovered this heated power yoga during a crazy hard time in my life & i will forever be grateful for it.

I used to have so much anxiety and worry. I was heavy with stress and scary “what ifs.” This yoga changes how I see things, how I react to them. It helps me see what is possible & because of it, i feel so much more joy & ease in my life.

I opened the first location of feel better yoga because I had to share with others what changed my life in such a big way. It helps me be the best me i can be.


i am more present.

more at ease.
more genuine.

more authentic.

more grateful.
less stressed.

kinder to myself.

kinder to others.
i am funnier & more fun.
I rock n roll through the good & the bad.

This practice make me a better mom, friend, and person in general.

The physical benefits? Those are just a bonus.

I am a certified baptiste teacher, RYT 200 with yoga alliance & I have completed level one, level two, & art of assisting with the Baptiste Institute.

I am beyond thankful to have the honor of sharing yoga,
serving others & being a part of this growing community.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.




Our ambassadors are such an important & valued part of this yoga studio! You’ll welcome people to the studio, show them what’s happening, where to go, get them a block if they need one, and make them feel at home.

You’ll also help ready our lavender towels & then help clean the floor after class. the time commitment is to be here 3 times a week, 25 minutes before class & 25 minutes after class. You can also take the class!

What you’ll get: $40 month UNLIMITED YOGA! Win-win for all of us!

What we’re looking for: warm, friendly, energetic people who want to be a part of a growing & vibrant yoga community,

We’d love to hear from you!

Our Ambassador team:

Carter Hussey

Brian Leventhal

Casey Lorge

Sara Montrose

Ann Moore

Samantha Murray

Jillian Romano

Luca Romano

Tonya Rush

Todd Smiley

Candy Snyder

Teresa Walker

Jordan Wilson

Chris Curtis

Holly Curtis

Brooke Lowery

Samantha Kozin

Glynnis Engwall

Gwynn Brandon

Julie Budd

Nikki Christakos

Cheryl Combs

Rosanna DeMario

Ariel Uhihorn

Claire Grisolano

Bridgette Harrell

Lilly Wooster